I-SEC Integrated Strategies

Intelligence-Led Decision Making Protecting Assets & Reputations

Providing real-world intelligence experience to contemporary risks and challenges.


Uniquely sourced strategic and tactical advice in the areas of risk identification and mitigation. >>

Business & Risk Intelligence


Effectively apply enhanced decision making on complex issues and environments. >>

Deep Business Intelligence

Infrastructure Resilience

Providing the best available resources to assess, test and validate levels of resilience. >>

Due Diligence


Protection against fraudulent and corruptive practices surrounding foreign partners, sourcing, governments. >>

In The News

CBC Security Panel | The Paris Attacks

CBC Security Panel | The Paris Attacks

Posted Nov 30th, 2015

Peter Mansbridge hosts a panel to discuss the intricacies of the...

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Toward a Serious Plan for Modernizing Canada’s Security Regime

Toward a Serious Plan for Modernizing Canada’s Security Regime

Posted Mar 14th, 2016

As the Trudeau government begins to tackle pressing issues and fulfil its campaign promises, it is clear that national security must be among its top priorities.

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I-Sec Integrated Strategies

I-Sec Integrated Strategies: Risk Consultants

Ray Boisvert, President of ISECIS and former Assistant Director, Intelligence for the Canadian Security Intelligence Service (CSIS), offers uniquely sourced strategic and tactical consultative advice pertaining to critical risks affecting private and public sector business activities: cyber and “insider” threats, as well as modern day hazards related to espionage and terrorism.

With 30+ years of experience, and a dynamic presence, Mr. Boisvert is also a highly respected and sought-after keynote speaker, often seen in the news. Through presentations on New Era Risk Management, and impacts of data surveillance on privacy – using information to predict, de-mystify, understand and mitigate organizational and personal threats – Mr. Boisvert offers important insights to businesses operating both domestically and internationally.