I-SEC Integrated Strategies

Due Diligence

Through specialized skill-sets and in-country knowledge, organizations can invest and engage at a global level. Mitigating the possibility of compromise from within and externally – including the harm of corruptive practices or the unscrupulous behaviour of potential and current partners, investors or foreign-based staff – are mission critical in emerging markets.

ISECIS consulting services can:

  • Provide protection strategies on intellectual property, organizational integrity and assets.
  • Offer special advice on the effective execution and management of audit, risk management and accountability regimes.
  • Advise on Mergers and Acquisitions based on specific analysis criteria surrounding investment targets.
  • Verify and validate potential partnerships, both domestic and foreign (in over 120 countries).
  • Convey insights and identify best practices in the realm of anti-corruption strategies.
  • Provide clear relationship mapping to ensure appropriate and effective connections in foreign environments.
  • Provide Sanctity of Contract evaluations.
  • Deliver “In-country” employee and management assessments and investigations; stakeholder assessments; material supply chain assessments (propriety/ employee safety / health / dignity and reliability).
  • Help management teams and employees recognize and mitigate threats to corporate assets through awareness and training.

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Toward a Serious Plan for Modernizing Canada’s Security Regime

Mar 14th, 2016

As the Trudeau government begins to tackle pressing issues and fulfil its campaign promises, it is clear that national security must be among its top priorities.

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